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          Battery Chargers








        美國摩菲FW Murphy 公司簡介
        Murphy Production Controls


        信德邁科技(北京)有限公司是一家專業化從事儀表、閥門代理銷售與服務的高科技公司。經過多年的專業運作,我公司已與多家世界知名制造商建立了緊密的合作關系。同時,本著“質量第一,信譽為本,開拓創新,追求卓越 共贏”的經營理念和“為用戶提供全方位解決方案”的基本運作模式,并始終堅持與制造商一道為用戶提供專業的售前技術支持和及時、準確的售后技術服務,從而確保我公司代理產品廣泛應用于冶金、造紙、鋼鐵、印刷、機械、石油、天然氣、煉油、石化、化工、電力、等行業,并深受各行業用戶的一致好評。 熱忱歡迎新老客戶和海內外有識之士,精誠合作,共創輝煌前程!

        20世紀30年代,FW Murphy法蘭克·摩菲一世在一家設備經銷商擔任銷售經理時發現客戶總抱怨使用的發動機給燒壞了。摩菲先生為此找到了一個簡單可靠的解決方案,由此摩菲公司誕生了。

        摩菲先生的發明,是在壓力表和溫度表中加入一個繼電開關,這樣發動機在油壓過低或冷卻液溫度過高的情況下就會自動停機。這項發明成了摩菲公司的第一個專利產品 – 繼電式儀表 Switchgage。從公司成立至今,為發動機提供可靠保護的主旨已經延續了近70年。這些年來,摩菲公司已經擁有了非常全面并且可以滿足用戶不同需求的產品系列,同時還提供卓越的技術服區。所有這些使摩菲公司成為行業中的領導者。 摩菲公司已經推出了幾百種對發動機和發動機所驅動的設備進行監控和保護的儀器儀表產品。其中一部分是測量發動機壓力,溫度,液位,轉速和振動的,另外一部分則是一系列的發動機控制產品,從簡單的自啟動功能到全自動系統。摩菲公司是全球第一家為電控式發動機提供數據顯示儀表的廠家。

        With more than 80 years innovation and commitment, FW Murphy has designed and created a range of quality controls and instrumentations, insuring reliable operations for oil and gas production and transmission, original equipment manufacturing (OEM), irrigation and agriculture, power generation, work and pleasure boating-most any application involving engines or their driven equipment. Products include a range of Temperature & Pressure Gauges & Swichgages, Tachometer, Vibration Switch, Fluid level Switch and many more.



        卡特彼勒 (Caterpillar)
        約翰迪爾 (John Deere)
        英格索蘭 (Ingersoll-Rand )
        威猛 (Vermeer )
        小松 (Komatsu)
        特雷克斯 (Terex)
        沃爾沃 (Volvo)
        阿特拉斯.科普柯 (Atlas Copco)


        發動機J1939 系統產品



        Murphy by Enovation Controls

        Enovation Controls leads the industry for engine and equipment protection and monitoring in the Industrial, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicle markets, including the PowerView and PowerCore families.


        FW Murphy Production Controls

        FW Murphy Production Controls proudly offers a wide range of instrumentation and control solutions for the Oil & Gas Production and Natural Gas Compression markets, including EICS, AFR, IntelliSpark, Centurion and Compression Control Panel Systems.




        FW Murphy offers products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Our control systems monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration. We cover it all, from simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating microcontrollers and remote communications. We provide cost-effective, perfectly suited products for our customers, and have been doing it for over 70 years.

        Browse the product sections below to learn more about our individual products.

        Compressor Controls
        Panel Systems and Accessories
        Gauges (J1939/CAN, Electric, Mechanical)
        Level Devices


        Company founder Frank W. "Pat" Murphy out in the oil fields.

        FW Murphy Production Controls was born out of one man's search for simple, reliable engine protection. While Frank W. "Pat" Murphy was a sales manager for a major equipment distributor in the 1930's, he found that his customers' main complaint was "burned up" engines. They were equipped with poor quality, non-indicating safety switches which were difficult to test and often inoperative. Pat decided to develop a simpler yet more effective "Safety Switch."

        Company founder Frank W. "Pat" Murphy out in the oil fields.

        Pat's idea, later renamed the Swichgage, was to combine an indicating gage with a switch that would stop the engine when low oil pressure or high coolant temperature existed. It was a simple design, easy to understand – and it worked well. Operators loved the new design because they could see the operating gage, adjust the trip point to their needs, and test the switch for operation. His invention was so well accepted, Pat decided to devote 100 percent of his time to manufacturing his "Murphy Safety Switch." Production began with Pat and his wife, Rosalie, building the instruments on their kitchen table in Mt. Carmel, Illinois.

        Over the past 75+ years we have developed hundreds of products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Our control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration. We cover it all, from simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems. Many of our products and systems carry major international authority approvals.

        Pat after 2 million Swichgages sold

        The Swichgage? was so successful that Pat and his wife, Rosalie, began building the instruments on their kitchen table in Mt. Carmel, Illinois.
        In 2009, FW Murphy merged with EControls. EControls was established in 1994 and is a leader in the design, engineering, and production of complete engine control solutions supplied to OEM's in the engine and vehicle industries.

        FW Murphy Production Controls Process Monitoring Instruments | Enovation Controls Electric Swichgage instruments | Murphy by Enovation Controls Swichgage & Murphygage instruments | Murphy by Enovation ...murphy control F.W. Murphy Controls & Instrumentation Instrumentation and control systems for engine driven equipment, including oil and gas, irrigation and agriculture, power generation, marine, generator sets and any application involving engines and their driven equipment.

        murphy oil pressure gauge
        murphy swichgage
        murphy controls and instrumentation
        murphy instrument panel
        f w murphy manufacturing
        fw murphy products
        murphy parts

        Murphy Instrumentation
        FW Murphy Controls & Instrumentation
        Equipment Monitoring, Protection, Control and Automation

        Pressure and Vacuum
        Time, Vibration and Overspeed
        Magnetic Switches / TATTLETALE (Annunciators)
        Engine Panels and Digital Fault Annunicators
        Automation Systems
        Electric Motor Controls
        Shutdown Devices
        Electric Gauge and Switchgage
        Gen Set Controls

        Murphy latest News

        Sun Hydraulics Completes Acquisition of Enovation Controls

        Important Update for Friends, Family and Partners from Frank Murphy III


        Murphy by Enovation Controls | FW Murphy Production Controls
        Murphy Instrument Distributor
        信德邁科技(北京)有限公司 CNMEC Technology

        地址:北京市朝陽區望京街10號望京SOHO - T1- C座2115室
        電話:010 - 8428 2935,8428 9077,8428 3983


        QQ: 209136943
        Email: sales@cnmec.biz
        傳真:010-8428 8762

        美國DMK Engineering Solutions公司

        京公網安備 101050201974

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