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          Battery Chargers









        摩菲公司為您提供各種應用于監控壓縮機、泵組、發電機組等設備的控制產品,可監測壓力、溫度、液位、速度、時間和振動等數據的變量。摩菲公司提供多元化產品,從簡單的制動開關到整合微型控制器和遠程通訊的自動化系統,滿足客戶的各類需求。 Murphy offers hundreds of products that monitor and control pumps, generators, and more. Our control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration. We cover it all, from simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating microcontrollers and remote communications.We provide cost-effective, perfectly suited products for our customers, and have been doing it for over 70 years.




        Level Devices






        Information on our full line of PowerView Color displays can be found here.




        Panel Systems & Accessories

        Murphy offers a full line of control panels. We offer controls and interfaces for a wide range of applications — from engines and motors, to pumps and compressors. We start with a basic platform, then add your custom design. Instrumentation, layout, software — you get it exactly how you want it. It's the total Murphy treatment — reliable control backed by full customer service. For our custom Industrial panel division, click here.


        CAN I/O Modules

        Murphy input/output modules allow total integration of sensors, switches, actuators and loads into J1939 CANbus and PowerView? display systems. They can also ease transition between old "mechanical" engines/sensors/instruments/controls and the latest CAN-based systems. Applications include: ? Adding sensors and I/O to your equipment ? Allowing existing, mechanical engines and sensors to work with new CAN-compatible control & instrument systems ? Allowing new CAN-compatible engines to work with existing, older or more basic/cost-effective controls and instruments ? Designing common, flexible systems for both new and old engine types



        Zero Off GPS Speed Control

        Zero Off is a GPS speed control system, based solely on the input from satellites and the engine management system. It is based completely on the speed across the surface of the water; therefore, there is no requirement for skier weight, crew weight, KX, PX or even any kind of wind adjustment. You simply set the desired speed and go.

        • Zero Off GPS Speed Control Display
        • How to Update a Zero Off Display With Aquastar Display Software
        • Zero Off ECI GPS Antenna Puck Upgrade



        Hydraulic Controls

        HCT is widely recognized as the leading brand of ground-breaking and distinctively potted electronic control solutions for the global fluid power industry. We offer easy-to-apply, environmentally ruggedized electronic controllers. Our controllers have the capability to be user adjustable locally or pre-programmed to suit virtually any application requiring an electro-hydraulic solution, and are universally compatible with all major hydraulic OEM proportional products.

        • DR Series
        • DVC 700 Series
        • DVC Application Libraries
        • DVC Intella 700 Software
        • DVC Series FAQs
        • DVC707 Programmable System Controller
        • DVC710 Programmable System Controller
        • DVC725 Programmable System Controllers
        • DVC745 Programmable System Controllers
        • EMC Series
        • EMC-6 & EMC-6L
        • EVC
        • Hand Held Interface (HHI)
        • HAU Series
        • HFS-J
        • HGC-2
        • MVP Series
        • Program Loader Monitor (PLM) for DVC700
        • SAM Setup and Monitoring Software



        Battery Chargers


        Electro/Mechanical Controllers



        Switches & Annunciators





        Application Notes and Technical Documentation

        • Keyswitch Removal and Installation
        • PowerCore Controllers & Panels Out of the Box Q&A



        Murphy by Enovation Controls

        Enovation Controls leads the industry for engine and equipment protection and monitoring in the Industrial, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicle markets, including the PowerView and PowerCore families.


        FW Murphy Production Controls

        FW Murphy Production Controls proudly offers a wide range of instrumentation and control solutions for the Oil & Gas Production and Natural Gas Compression markets, including EICS, AFR, IntelliSpark, Centurion and Compression Control Panel Systems.



        Archived Product Information

        The following product literature is a list of older, discontinued and "legacy" literature. Many of these products have been discontinued but the sales and technical literature are still available for download as a service to our customers. For a cross-reference list of legacy product literature stock codes, visit: https://support.enovationcontrols.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000751294

        Murphy 1400 Selectronic Annunciator
        Murphy 1500 Selectronic Micro-Controller
        Murphy 20VWC / 25VWC / A25VWC
        Murphy 3ST Three Point Speed Relay
        Murphy 45 Series Dial Pressure Swichgage
        Murphy 45HE 4.5 in. Dial Size Hall Effect Swichgage
        Murphy 45PE Pressure, Built-in Snap-Acting SPDT Switches, 4-1/2 in. (114 mm) Dial Swichgage
        Murphy 60-0-60 Ammeter
        Murphy 75160 Series
        Murphy A800 annunciator
        Murphy A86
        Murphy A88 & A88F
        Murphy A900 MURPHYMATIC Generator Engine Controller
        Murphy A91
        Murphy AEC101
        Murphy AMACS GSM
        Murphy AP12 Alarm / Annunciator
        Murphy AS3000 Automatic Engine Controller
        Murphy AS705 Controller
        Murphy AS710
        Murphy AS720
        Murphy AS730
        Murphy AS731
        Murphy AS732
        Murphy AS7CK
        Murphy AS7CN
        Murphy AS7PROG
        Murphy ASM150
        Murphy ASM160
        Murphy ASM170
        Murphy ASM200
        Murphy ASM260
        Murphy AT67207 MURPHYMATIC Engine Throttle Controller
        Murphy Autostart 705S (v.1), 710S/720S/720S (v1.04)
        Murphy Autostart 705S, 710S, 720S, 730S Engine and Generator Controls
        Murphy Autostart 720S (v1.04/v1.05) Engine/Generator Controller
        Murphy Autostart AS710S/AS730S v1.05-v.1.07; AS7055 (v.1.00-v1.05) Automatic engine/generator controller
        Murphy B6455
        Murphy B6475
        Murphy B6497
        Murphy B6502, B6503, B6524, B6525
        Murphy BC0812, BC0824 BC1212, BC1224 BC1812, BC1824
        Murphy BC100 Series Battery Chargers
        Murphy BC1524, BC3012 Automatic Batter Chargers
        Murphy BC700 / BC701 Battery Chargers
        Murphy BCA Series Battery Chargers
        Murphy BGT1, UT1, SM Tankgauging Systems by Murphy Tanktend
        Murphy CB-32 Call Out Box
        Murphy CD100 Cascade Autostart/stop Controller
        Murphy CS2001 Selectronic Controller Scanner
        High Country Tek CVR Battery Voltage Relay
        Murphy CVR500 / CVR501 AC Voltage Relays
        Murphy CVT100 / CVT100Z Current/Voltage Trip Relays
        Murphy CVT500 / CVT501 Current & Voltage Trip Relays
        Murphy CVT502 / CVT506 / CVT508 Battery / DC Under Voltage Relays
        Murphy Detonation Sensing Interface System
        Murphy DHK
        Murphy DLA100 Tanktend Liquid Storage-Tank Level Monitoring System
        Murphy DPC20 Murphymatic Duplex-Pump Controller
        Murphy DS77
        Murphy DT9600
        Murphy DT9800 Selectronic Tacometer/Tachswich
        High Country Tek DVC Intella? Software (for DVC21/22, DVC41, DVC50, DVC61 & DVC80)
        High Country Tek DVC10
        High Country Tek DVC21
        High Country Tek DVC22
        High Country Tek DVC41
        High Country Tek DVC50
        High Country Tek DVC61
        High Country Tek DVC61 4 x 20 LCD Character Display
        High Country Tek DVC7
        High Country Tek DVC722
        High Country Tek DVC741
        High Country Tek DVC750
        High Country Tek DVC80
        Murphy ECD / ELD Earth Leakage Protection relays, ERC Core Balance Transformers
        Murphy ECONOSTART ES8000 series Generator Controller
        Murphy eGUARD
        Murphy ELD Earth Leakage Detector Unit
        High Country Tek EMC-1
        High Country Tek EMC-1P & EMC-1PL
        High Country Tek EMC-1V
        High Country Tek EMC-3 & EMC-3L
        High Country Tek EMC-3L
        Murphy EMS-GC10
        Murphy EMS447 / EMS448
        Murphy EMS467
        Murphy EMS547
        Murphy EMS689 Irrigation Pump Controllers & Panels
        Murphy EN204 Series
        High Country Tek EPC Electronic Pump Controller
        High Country Tek EPC-2
        High Country Tek Equaliser
        Murphy ES2DP30
        Murphy ESI3 Engine Status Indicator
        High Country Tek EVC-2
        Murphy EVS
        Murphy EVS-A
        Murphy EVS-SB Electronic Vibration Switch
        Murphy FP350 Murphymatic Fire Pump Controller
        Murphy FSV Fire Shutoff Valve
        Murphy GPM92
        Murphy GsmControl-A / GsmControl-X
        High Country Tek Guardian / Guardian FP
        Murphy GV733
        Murphy H33-SS Murphymatic Lift Pump Control System
        High Country Tek HAD Series
        Murphy HD35 Digital Time Meters
        Murphy HelmView 1000
        Murphy HelmView 750
        High Country Tek HFS
        High Country Tek HFS-2 / HFS-2Q
        High Country Tek HFS-3
        High Country Tek HFS-J-Bus
        Murphy IFD95 Ignition Failure Device
        Murphy iGUARD Digital Generator Set Controller
        Murphy Keystart 7201
        Murphy Keystart 9000 / 9600 series controllers
        Murphy Keystart 9003, 9004, 9005
        Murphy Keystart 9006, 9007
        Murphy Keystart 9610 / 9611
        Murphy Keystart 9650, 9651, 9652
        Murphy Keystart 9700 series
        Murphy L128
        Murphy Legacy Product Literature Stock Code Cross Reference
        Murphy LLS Lead Line Pressure Switch
        Murphy LM2000 / LM2000S Lube Level Maintainer
        Murphy LPC Fire Pump Control Panel
        Murphy LR900 / LR901 / LR900-EX
        High Country Tek LVD
        Murphy M100 / M110 / M120 Panels
        Murphy M300 / M310 / M320 Panels
        Murphy MDDM / MDDM-MOD
        Murphy MEMIS
        Murphy MGC2000 Generator Control System
        Murphy MGC300 / MGC350
        Murphy MGC400
        Murphy MGC447/547
        Murphy MGC900 Generator Control Panels
        Murphy MGC920 Modular Generator Panel
        Murphy MGC921
        Murphy Microstart MS1A / MS1D
        Murphy ML300 Panels for Electronic Engines
        Murphy MLA20 / MLA35 / MLAA20
        Murphy Modex Automation / Murphy Cosham product serial numbers
        Murphy Modex Automation-brand Genset Controls
        High Country Tek Monitor
        Murphy MSV-375 Fuel Shut-off Valve for Diesel Engines
        Murphy MTH6
        Murphy MTHM90
        Murphy Murphy Cosham / Modex Automation Product serial numbers
        Murphy Murphymatic Electric Motor Controller
        Murphy Murphymatic Pump Panel
        Murphy Mursoft CS Measurement, Control and Data Acquisition Software
        Murphy OLR500
        Murphy OLR600 / OLR601 / OLR605 Over Current Relays
        Murphy OPLFC-D "Dirty Water" Pressure Swichgage
        Murphy OPLFNC Pressure Swichgage
        High Country Tek Opto 3000 Communication device
        Murphy OVT / UVT / MFU / LFT / HFT AC relays
        High Country Tek PC24/5 Programmable SERIES Valve Controllers
        Murphy PEM Earth Loop Impedance Monitors
        Murphy PFR300R
        Murphy PFR500/PFR501 Phase Failure Relays
        High Country Tek Plug Top Drivers (PTD) Series
        High Country Tek Powerline (PLD) Universal Single / Dual Coil PWM Valve Driver
        Murphy PowerView 10
        Murphy PowerView 100
        Murphy PowerView 1000
        Murphy PowerView 750
        High Country Tek Program Loader Monitor (PLM) for DVC7 & DVC10
        High Country Tek ProValve 100 - Open-loop Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller
        High Country Tek ProValve 200 - Closed-loop Proportional Solenoid Valve Controller
        Murphy PS640
        Murphy PS660
        High Country Tek PTD-SS1 / PTD-SS10
        Murphy PXMS Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Transducers
        Murphy RL-2000 RemoteLink Vital Data Communicator
        Murphy RL-4000 RemoteLink Communicator and Control System
        Murphy RMU16 Remote Monitoring Unit

        Murphy S10 Automatic Battery Charger (S1012 / S1024)
        Murphy S500 Series 500 Selectronic Micro-Controller
        Murphy SCC Satellite Communicator System
        Murphy SD35HL Digital TACHSWICH
        Murphy Sentinel (UL)150 Series
        High Country Tek Sentinel 70/140 / Sentinel UL 70/140
        Murphy SGM45F Pressure SwichgageMitter Instrument
        Murphy SHD45 4-1/2 in. (114 mm) Dial Digital Tachometer/Hourmeter
        High Country Tek SLA-4
        High Country Tek SM heavy duty
        High Country Tek SM135 Enclosed
        High Country Tek SM2 160
        High Country Tek SM2-250
        Murphy SM200 / SMT200 / SMT200-TR
        High Country Tek SM50 / SM50A
        High Country Tek SM82 / SM82A
        Murphy SPLFNC Temperature Swichgage
        Murphy ST Series Selectronic Tattletale Remote Alarm Annunciators
        Murphy ST4X4 Selectronic Tattletale Annunciator
        Murphy STAS, STASTD
        High Country Tek SW-LA-6
        High Country Tek SW5
        High Country Tek SW6
        Murphy TC100 series
        Murphy TC200D
        Murphy TC400
        Murphy TC500(D)(T) / TC1000(D)(T)
        Murphy TD35 2-Channel Temperature Swichgage instrument
        Murphy Thermocouples (Modex Automation)
        Murphy TL7 and SAH Series for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy TR Series
        Murphy TR100 / TR200 / TR300 / TR1400 Series
        Murphy TR1100
        Murphy TR1500
        Murphy TR25
        Murphy TR40
        Murphy TR900
        Murphy TR900 Start Timers
        Murphy TRC200 / TRC200-T / TRC200D
        Murphy TT12Z-TP / TT24-TP
        Murphy UFR500 / UFR501 / OFR500 / OFR501 AC Frequency Relays
        Murphy UST & OST Series Speed/Frequency Trip Relays
        Murphy UVR, OVR, CVR, PFR, POR AC Voltage Relays
        Murphy VM-12 / VM-24 Voltmeter
        Murphy VR300
        Murphy VS2N
        Murphy W0156 / W0169 for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy W0162 / W0163
        Murphy W0168 / W0241 for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy W0270 for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy WAI Series for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy WD100 Series for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy WD107
        Murphy WD275
        Murphy WD300 Series for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy WDU Series for Mechanical Engines
        Murphy WDU0277


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